Bad Crystal Combinations

*Please note: This is a basic guide & will NOT be one-size fits all. 

Crystal combinations often help amplify intentions, protection, psychic abilities, & more when combined correctly. But without proper guidance when many crystals are combined the vibration of one cancels the other out. Learning the crystals attributes & how they affect the wearer can help prevent this!

Please be aware that ANY crystal combined with clear quartz will amplify any & all attributes of the crystal it’s paired with.   Below are crystal pairs that DO NOT go together &/or will cancel each other. 


  • Carnelian & Amethyst: Amethyst has a calming effect on the body & mind while soothing impatience. While carnelian speeds up the body’s natural responses & movement. 
    A good alternate calming anxiety while being confident would be, Sunstone & Fluorite. 

  • Malachite & Rhodochrosite: This crystal combination is often way too intense for many to handle. The rhodochrosite puts the wearer up close & personal with their emotional wounds, while malachite amplifies the transformation around change & emotions. Malachite also draws out deep emotions intensely, which many don’t want to face. 
  • Blue Lace Agate & Mahogany Obsidian: This pair cancels each other out completely. Blue lace agate calms the mind & actually helps with insomnia, while mahogany obsidian stimulates sexuality & playfulness. The obsidian variety will give off the exact opposite of blue lace agate. 

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Can you do more bad combinations? Good read !

Winston Carter

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