What Happens When You Don’t Cleanse Your Crystals

We always put emphasis on cleansing your crystals every so often, but a lot of people never really know why…

Let’s dive into the basics first, it’s known that all crystals give off a certain type of vibration. It is also known that crystals absorb the energy of & around its wearer. Depending on the crystal’s attributes, when too much energy is absorbed it can cause negative effects on the wearer or the environment around the crystal. This is why cleansing your crystals is very important when working with them daily. 

(Please note: some crystals will cause certain effects if your not compatible with or ready for certain crystals.)

We’ll some give examples of the effects & emotions that appear when you don’t cleanse these beginner crystals:

  • Amethyst- insomnia, irritability, & blocked intuition. 

  • Clear Quartz- ANY emotion felt while wearing or around this crystal will be amplified.                                                         *Personally we don’t recommend this crystal for beginners until the person is able to recognize certain emotions while wearing this crystal. 
  • Obsidian- Negative energy that has been absorbed will start to have effect on the wearer or environment. 

  • Rose Quartz- Resentment, repressing emotions, trying to close yourself off to any kind of love. 
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I didn’t even know this !!! A lot of ppl don’t know about this level of maintenance with crystals. A lot of beginners just think you use them and that’s it ……thank you for this !!

Winston Carter

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