A essential self confidence stone that combines passion & action. Carnelian is a stone that needs to be used with caution because of its effects on its environment & the wearer. Carnelian is highly sensual in vibration, bringing a persuasive & sexual energy to the wearer. It brings a certain “spark” to whatever it’s around.  

Listed below are some of the effects the wearer can experience while wearing this stone or being around it:

  • Helps tap into a more creative side of the wearer. 

  • Makes the wearer more persuasive in endeavors of all kinds. 

  • Limits overthinking & overanalyzing thoughts. 

  • Boosts confidence & sexual energy. 

  • Helps reignite passion with any & everything creative. 

  • Increased libido & sex drive.
  • Can help wearer tap into their sexual(sacral) energy

If you’ve experienced any other effects from this crystal comment below!

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