Citrine, a stone that does not hold or accumulate any negative energies within the stone. The only Quartz variety that in fact never needs to be cleansed.( I always recommend cleansing all crystals anyway) This stone has been well known for acquiring & maintaining wealth. 

   *Warning: This stone may bring out aggressiveness in some individuals, it is not recommended to fiery people with a tendency to gossip or slander. (Should not be paired with Ruby)


Listed below are some of the effects the wearer can experience while wearing this stone or being around it:

  • Reduces sensitivity to criticism & promotes self-expression.
  • Draws financial abundance to the wearer, while helping stop excessive outflow of money. 
  • Will draw attachments that bring loss IF the wearer is attracting out of greed & selfishness.
  • Guards wearer from spite & jealousy.
  • Sparks creativity & productivity.
  •  Encourages generosity & sharing good fortune. 

If you’ve experienced any other effects from this stone comment below! 

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