This famous form of tektite called Moldavite has been prized by humans for thousands of years. The hype behind this stone has taken off within recent years. Though many people did not expect the influence Moldavite would have on their lives. Moldavite has a instantaneous effect in different ways on the wearers life. Many don’t know that they have to tread lightly with this stone. A lot of people are also repelled by moldavite’s vibration, making it almost impossible to hold or wear. The effects this stone has will not be the same for anyone. 

Listed below will be some of the effects that this stone can have on the wearer:

  • Drastic life changes & life challenges
  • People or situations that no longer serve you will no longer be in your life. 

  • If Moldavite’s vibration cannot sync with you, will probably feel flushed, eyes will water or turn red, or it will burn skin. 

  • Increased manifestations that come to fruition. 

  • Increased clarity, visionary (3rd eye) clarity. 

  • Very intense moments of releasing. 

            *Please be very mindful of crystals that are worn with this stone.


If you’ve experienced any other effects from this stone comment below! 

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