A cleanser that never needs to be cleansed is Selenite(also known as Satin Spar). This crystal’s vibration is extremely high & it flows in one’s energy field like a calm tide. Selenite is essential in any home because it purifies, & cleanses everything and everyone around it. The stone can be used for a overall mood & vibration booster. 

Listed below are some of the effects the wearer can experience while wearing this stone or being around it:

  • Uplifted mood & renewed energy. 
  • Shield the wearer or environment from low vibrational energy. 

  • Can cleanse all crystals & can cleanse home or environment. 

  • Can make the wearer want to remove things from their life or space that bring them down. 

  • Wards off any lower(negative) energy from the space or wearer. 

  • Gives the wearer resistance to negative energy that may be around them. 

If you’ve experienced any other effects from this crystal comment below!

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