A stone that makes the wearer back in touch with their passion. Sunstone embodies the energy of the sun & the Sun God Ra. Sunstone helps clear away self-limitations, unwanted energies,& co-dependent behaviors. A stone of of leadership, independence, & originality.

Listed below are some of the effects the wearer can experience while wearing this stone or being around it:

  • Extremely helpful if you have problems saying “no”, codependency, & procrastination as well. 

  • Increases vitality, & encourages the wearer to explore passions and talents. 

  • Removes ties to anyone draining your energy.  

  • Helps wean away a feeling of unworthiness, abandonment, & repression of emotions. 

  • Should be worn with moonstone to balance yin & yang energies☯️

If you’ve experienced any other effects from this stone comment below! 

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