Turquoise is a stone that helps with one’s over-all well being. This stone helps with mood-swings, self-sabotage and brings peace to the wearer. The color of this stone is also said to change if the wearer is ill or sad. It could also be told when infidelity was present  when two lovers wear the stone & one’s turquoise starts to turn a different shade of the green-blue hue.


 Listed below are some of the effects the wearer can experience while wearing this stone or being around it:

  • Restores a sense of peace within the mind. 

  • Protects the wearer & their possessions against loss or attack. 

  • Mentally strengthens the wearer while reminding them of the power within. 

  • Balances mood & allows wearer to recognize the root of their emotions. 

  • Reminds the wearer of their life is dependent on one’s actions. 

If you’ve experienced any other effects from this stone comment below! 

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